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Explore our collection of delicate silver and gold chain necklaces. Perfect for layering as well...

Explore our collection of delicate silver and gold chain necklaces. Perfect for layering as well as wearing solo, our chain necklaces are a staple for every fashion ‘it’ girl. From large chain links to twisted rope chains, there’s something for every style and taste at Estella Bartlett. 

Update your jewellery collection with our range of delicate chain necklaces. Timelessly chic, our chain necklaces are statement enough to be worn as a stand alone piece but subtle enough to work as a layered look. 

With both gold and silver chain necklaces available, you’re sure to find the perfect chain to match your style. From chunky chain necklaces to delicate chain necklaces, you’re sure to find your new go to favourite piece of jewellery.

At Estella Bartlett, we have an exquisite selection of chain necklaces to choose from, in a vast range of styles including herringbone chains, twisted rope chains, snake chains, link chains and so much more. Finding a chain necklace to suit your individual style has never been easier. Shop the full collection of silver and gold plated chain necklaces for women today. We also offer an excellent selection of silver plated necklaces, gold plated necklaces, gemstone necklaces and pendants.

Types Of Chain Necklaces

There are many different types of chain necklaces available, not only in colour such as silver and gold but also in the style of the chain used. From link chain necklaces and t-bar chain necklaces to rope chain necklaces and curb chain necklaces, there’s a chain to complement every style.

Link Chain Necklace

The paperclip chain necklace, also known as the link chain necklace, is characterised by elongated round links or rectangular links that give it a light and open look.

Rope Chain Necklace

A rope chain necklace consists of many small connected links which form the rope's pattern and shape. The rope chain necklace is available in two styles. One resembles a smooth, singular rope, while the other looks like two ropes twisted together.

Curb Chain Necklace

Curb chain necklaces are available in thin and chunky chain necklace styles. They feature flattened links that are twisted tightly together and once laid flat, interlock together.

T-Bar Chain Necklace

Various chain links can be used for a t-bar chain necklace as long as the fastening is a t-bar. The t-bar fastening has one open circle end of the chain and a t-bar on the other end of the chain. The t-bar is placed through the circle to create a decorative yet secure fastening.

Figaro Chain Necklace

Figaro chain necklaces are composed of two or three small circular links followed by one elongated oval link, creating a decorative and delicate look.

Belcher Chain Necklace

Belcher chains, sometimes known as Rolo chains, feature rounded interlocking links. The inside of a Belcher chain link is flat, with a thicker, rounded edge on the outside. This style is great for pendant necklaces and charms.

How To Wear A Chain Necklace

Chain necklaces are the ultimate versatile accessory that can be worn with any outfit. How you choose to wear your chain necklaces is completely up to the wearer, but here are some of our top styling tips:

  • Opt for a minimal look by wearing only one chain at a time. Chain necklaces are beautiful stand alone pieces and although they can be paired with other necklaces, they are statement enough to be worn on their own.
  • Consider your outfit when choosing what style of chain to wear. Match your chain to the neckline of your outfit or go for chains that can be layered over the top of your clothes for a pulled together finish.
  • Layer your chain with one or two other necklaces. This is a great way to create more looks out of the jewellery in your collection and layered chains look elegant all year round
  • Consider the other pieces of jewellery that you choose to wear. We offer lots of jewellery that will compliment each and every one of our chain necklaces, including matching bracelets.