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Dive into our collection of stunning gold plated necklaces and gold plated pendants. From charming...

Dive into our collection of stunning gold plated necklaces and gold plated pendants. From charming gold pendants that are statement enough to be worn solo to delicate gold necklaces that are ideal for creating a layered look, the Estella Bartlett gold necklace collection is perfect for gifting to yourself and loved ones. 

For a timeless and sophisticated everyday look, our delicate gold plated necklaces and chains are a must. From beaded gold necklaces and feminine charms to statement chunky chain necklaces, you’re sure to find your everyday staple. 

Our insta-worthy collection includes delicate gold chains, gold beaded necklaces, celestial designs and gold pearl necklaces. Featuring themes of luck, prosperity and happiness, our stunning gold plated necklaces will brighten your day.

At Estella Bartlett, we have an exquisite selection of gold plated necklaces to choose from, in a vast range of styles and shapes. Finding a gold necklace to suit your individual style has never been easier, shop the full collection of gold plated necklaces today. We also offer an excellent selection of gold plated earrings, gold plated bracelets and silver plated necklaces.

Types of Gold Necklaces

All of our gold necklaces are made from a base metal and then coated in pure gold plating. This ensures that you get to wear the most on trend and timeless jewellery at the most affordable price. Discover some of our most popular gold plated necklace styles:

Gold Plated Pendant Necklaces

Our gold plated pendant necklaces feature beautiful charms and elegant jewels on a range of gold chains. Encompassing symbols of love, luck and prosperity, you’re sure to find a pendant to match your mood.

Gold Plated Chain Necklaces

We offer a variety of gold plated chain necklaces in multiple styles and lengths. From link chain necklaces and t-bar chain necklaces to rope chain necklaces and curb chain necklaces, there’s so much choice. We offer gold plated chain necklaces in both delicate and chunky styles, allowing you to match your jewellery to your outfit.

Gold Plated Gemstone Necklaces

Our gold plated gemstone necklaces and birthstone necklaces feature a vast selection of semi precious stones including Cubic Zirconia, Agate, Quartz, Faux Pearls, Amazonite and so much more.

How To Wear Gold Plated Necklaces

You can wear gold plated necklaces in a variety of different ways, depending on your own personal preferences. Depending on your style, you may choose to wear just one gold necklace for a chic yet minimal look or you may choose to layer several necklaces for an edgy finish. Read our top tips on how to wear gold necklaces.

Less Is More

You can wear gold plated necklaces as stand-alone pieces or layered with several others but we recommend wearing only one to three necklaces at a time. Any more than this and you could end up looking cluttered, which would detract from your outfit rather than enhance it. No matter whether you opt to wear a single gold necklace or a mix and match of dainty and chunky gold chains, accessorising with less is always better.

Mix And Match Gold Necklace Styles

When it comes to accessorising, less is more, but layered looks can be made more interesting by mixing and matching gold necklace styles. There is a wide variety of gold plated necklaces to choose from, so it's a shame to limit yourself to just one style. Consider wearing a combination of different gold necklace designs to help complete your look. Whether you choose to wear a dainty gold chain and a gold t-bar pendant or a gold beaded necklace and statement gold necklace, the possibilities are endless.

Experiment With Coloured Beads And Gemstones

You can experiment with different colours when wearing multiple gold plated necklaces by selecting designs that feature coloured beads and gemstones. Ideal for adding a pop of colour to your look, our gold beaded necklaces and gold gemstone necklaces will transform your look. When wearing colourful jewellery, we recommend wearing only one beaded or gemstone necklace at a time. This can still be paired with a plain gold necklace or gold chain necklace for an elegant look that adds to your outfit rather than outshines it.

Coordinate Your Gold Necklaces With Your Other Jewellery

Why not coordinate your gold plated necklaces with other pieces of jewellery such as matching gold bracelets and gold earrings. Not only will this give your outfit a stunning finish, but it also allows you to create more looks and styles out of the jewellery in your collection. 

When and How To Clean Gold Plated Necklaces

As with solid gold necklaces, gold plated necklaces can also tarnish if not properly maintained. Gold plated necklaces by Estella Bartlett can shine for years to come with a little love and care. A light cleaning with soap and water will restore the shine to your gold necklaces if they are starting to look a little dull. Read our blog for more information on how to clean gold plated jewellery.