How To Stack Earrings For Multiple Piercings

Stacking earrings refers to wearing multiple earrings worn at the same time, stacked up the ear. They can vary in size, shape, material, and design, but the idea is to layer and mix different styles to create a unique and curated look.


Stacking earrings are incredibly on trend right now as they allow the wearer to express their individuality. The endless style combinations also means that you can create multiple looks and get more wear out of your jewellery collection.


But how do you create an earring stack that represents your style, is cohesive and looks effortlessly flawless? Well never fear, because we’re here to answer all of your earring stack related questions. Discover how to stack earrings for multiple piercings and how to style your earrings stack with our comprehensive jewellery guide.


What Type Of Piercings Can Be Used For Stacking Earrings?

Stacking earrings can be worn in almost any ear piercing and many stacking sets consist of a variation of earring designs such as studs, hoops, huggies and drop earrings.


That being said, you may want to think about which style of earring will work best with the piercings you have. Stacking earrings can be worn in a variety of different piercings including:


  • Ear lobe: Lobe piercings are one of the most popular types of piercings. They are incredibly versatile and can be styled with pretty much every style of earring. There is also the option to have second and third lobe piercings, which are perfect for creating an entry level earring stack look.


  • Helix: A helix piercing is any piercing made to the upper cartilage of the ear. Studs and small hoops are best suited to this type of piercing. Try experimenting with small drop hoop earrings featuring decorative pendants for a statement look. This type of earring stack can look especially effective when paired with ear lobe piercings.


  • Tragus: A tragus piercing sits on the small area of cartilage that partially covers your ear canal. There are lots of different types of earrings that can be worn in the tragus but we recommend choosing to wear something small and elegant in this piercing such as studs or small hoops. This will be much more comfortable, especially if you often wear earphones.


  • Conch: Conch piercings are a type of cartilage piercing that's named after the large spiral shape that ears take after. Stud earrings can be worn directly through the piercing or small hoops can be worn that wrap around the cartilage and then fastened at the back of the conch.


  • Rook: A rook piercing is a type of ear piercing that goes through the uppermost cartilage fold that lies between your ear canal and the top rim of your ear. Studs and small hoops can also be worn in this type of piercing to create an earring stack.


How To Stack Earrings?

The days of one piercing per ear are over! The ‘It’ girl jewellery trend of the moment is all about wearing multiple earrings in one ear. This is typically done in a graduated or asymmetrical style and the jewellery can be worn in any number of piercings including the lobe, tragus, helix, daith, rook, conch and more.


Earring stacking is incredibly effective and appealing to look at but balancing and curating the perfect ear stack across multiple piercings can be tricky. Here at Estella Bartlett, we’ve got loads of earring stacking ideas. Read our tips on how to layer earrings and master the art of the earring stack.


1. Start From The Bottom

When learning how to layer earrings, we recommend always starting at the bottom of the ear lobe and working your way up. Ear lobe piercings are often the easiest piercing to change in comparison to other piercings that sit further up the ear. Starting at the lobe means you can try a few different looks before working your way up the rest of the ear.


When it comes to choosing an earring for your lobe piercing, anything goes. From dainty studs that will compliment other smaller pieces of jewellery in your ear to statement drop hoop earrings that are the centre focus of your stack, the possibilities are endless.


2. Mix and Match 

If you have multiple different piercings, why not mix and match different styles of earrings such as hoops and studs to create a more interesting and eclectic look. Huggies and small hoops can be worn on your first, second or third lobe in addition to being worn on your helix, while stud earrings can be worn in pretty much every type of ear piercing.


Mixing and matching earring styles can also create an interesting and versatile look. Though be careful to only choose one statement earring per ear so that it doesn’t start to look and feel too heavy. Wear the more statement and typically larger earrings such as hoops in your lobe then stack smaller huggies and studs further up the ear.


3. Experiment With Length

For a layered earring stack that really stands out from the crowd, why not go for earrings of varying length and size. From studs and dainty huggies to drop hoop earrings, statement hoops and dangle earrings, the choice is endless.


Experimenting with different lengths of earrings can be a really fun way of adding dimension and texture to your stacked look. This can be especially effective when creating a statement evening look.


4. Balance Out Your Stack On Both Ears

When creating a layered earring look, keep both of your ears in mind and try to keep them looking balanced. You can choose to keep your earring stack symmetrical for a flawless finish or you could create a variation of each look on your left and right ears.


A great way of creating an eclectic ear stack is to opt for earrings of similar styles, shapes and colours. For example, you could wear matching hoops in both ear lobes but wear a dainty stud on your helix to the left and another dainty stud on your conch to the right.


5. Add Colour

For something a little bit more eye-catching, consider adding some colour to your earring stack with gemstones and jewels. Gemstone earrings can really elevate your earring stack by adding sparkle and vibrancy to your look. Not only that but they can also be worn in pretty much any piercing.


If you really want to create a stand out look, opt for earrings featuring different colours. The trick is to choose gemstone earrings with colours that compliment each rather than clash. Earring stacks that feature colour are perfect for dressing up your outfit or for special occasions.


6. Start Small 

If you’re new to earring stacking or are simply a fan of the minimalistic aesthetic, keep things simple and only wear stud earrings as part of your stack. Less is often more when it comes to stacked earrings so avoid overloading your earlobes with too many pieces, or the overall look may become too heavy looking.


Although it can be quite easy to overload your earring stack, only wearing studs will help keep things looking fresh and clean. Delicate and dainty stud earrings are a great choice for creating a minimal, yet impactful look.


7. Pair Your Piercings With An Ear Cuff

If you only have your ear lobes pierced but still want to experiment with earring stacking, why not try an ear cuff? You don’t need to have any additional piercings to wear an ear cuff and this type of jewellery can be worn in a variety of different places on the ear.


Find out everything you need to know about wearing ear cuffs with our helpful guide.


How To Style Stacking Earring Sets 

There are lots of different ways to style stacking earring sets and it really comes down to the preferences of the wearer. That being said, we recommend wearing earrings that reflect your style, tying your hair back to show off your stack and coordinating your earrings with your other pieces of jewellery.


Find Your Style

Stacking earrings come in a variety of styles and here at Estella Bartlett we have earrings to match every aesthetic. When trying to define what your jewellery style is, consider  which shape and style of earrings stand out to you and what fashion trends and celebrity styles you are most drawn to. There is no right or wrong way to style stacking earrings and the finished look is completely up to you. 


Show Off Your Earring Stack

If you’ve spent time and effort creating the perfect earring stack, consider wearing your hair tied up or pulled back so that you can show off the finished look. Hairstyles that keep your ears visible will allow everyone to see your curated look and will ensure that your earrings are a major part of your outfit.


Coordinate Your Stacking Earrings With Your Other Jewellery 

Why not coordinate your stacking earrings with other pieces of jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets. Not only will this help complete your outfit but it also allows you to create multiple looks with the jewellery in your collection.


Browse Stacking Earring Sets

Now that you know how to stack earrings, why not add some new earrings to your jewellery collection. Here at Estella Bartlett, we offer a huge range of stacking earring sets that are perfect for creating a layered look. Whether you have a variety of ear piercings or just like to mix and match your style, our stacking earrings will help add an edge to your look. 


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