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Create a curated multi-pierced earring look with our collection of stacker earrings and stacking earring...

Create a curated multi-pierced earring look with our collection of stacker earrings and stacking earring sets. Perfect for creating a layered look, our stacking earrings are ideal for curating an individual style. 

Featuring hoops, studs and embellished earrings, our stacking earring sets are a must have. Diverse and fashion forward our stacker earring sets are available in both silver and gold plating. Whether you have a variety of ear piercings or just like to mix and match your style, our stacking earrings will help add an edge to your look. 

Keep your ear game strong with our collection of stacking earrings. Available in a range of styles and shapes including moons, stars, lucky charms and much more. Whether you’re treating yourself or gifting to a friend, our stacker earrings are the ultimate fashion accessory. 

Our gold plated stacking earrings and sets are perfect for creating an on trend look. While our silver plated stacking earring sets give a timeless feel. Shop the full collection of stacking earrings today. We also offer a range of ear cuffs and gemstone earrings

What Are Stacking Earrings?

Stacking earrings are earrings that can be mixed and matched together to create a cohesive look that is stacked up the ear using multiple piercings. 

The jewellery within a stacking earring set is usually unique in design but each piece within the set is in the same colour palette or overall style. Stacking earrings can also consist of a mixture of studs, hoops, huggies and drop earrings.

How To Stack Multiple Earrings?

Gone are the days of one piercing per ear. Multiple earrings can now be stacked all the way from the lobe to the tragus, anti-tragus, helix, daith, rook, conch and more. However, balancing and curating the perfect ear stack across multiple piercings can be tricky. Read our tips on how to stack multiple earrings and master the art of the earring stack.

  1. For a minimal look, stick to stacking stud earrings. If you’re new to earring stacking or simply prefer a minimal look, we recommend going for the less is more vibe. Delicate and dainty studs provide enough space between multiple ear piercings which can help make the earring stack look elegant and feminine.
  2. Up the ante by adding a huggie or hoop earrings to your stack. Huggies can be worn on your first, second or third lobe in addition to being worn on your helix, which is what makes them a versatile addition for any earring stacking set. Whereas hoop earrings will really help your earring stack make a statement.
  3. Consider adding colour to your stacking earring collection with gemstone earrings. Gemstone earrings can really elevate your earring stack by adding sparkle and vibrancy to your look. Perfect for dressing up your outfit, gemstone earrings can be worn in the lobe, conch and helix.
  4. MIx and match earring styles by pairing the minimal with the statement. Wear the more statement and typically larger earrings such as hoops in your lobe then stack smaller huggies and studs further up the ear.
  5. If you only have your lobes pierced once, why not try creating an earring stack with an ear cuff? Ear cuffs don’t require you to have your ears pierced so are a great way of experimenting with earring stacking without committing to having more piercings.

How To Style Stacking Earring Sets


Find Your Style

There are many different designs of stacking earrings to choose from and at Estella Bartlett, we have earrings to match every style. If you’re still discovering what your style is, consider which shape and style of earrings stand out to you and what fashion trends and celebrity styles you are most drawn to. Whether you choose to keep it simple or go bold, the finished look is completely up to you.


Show Off Your Earring Stack

Show off your earring stack by wearing your hair tied up or pulled back. When you’ve stacked your earrings, you want to show them off. It’s best to wear a pulled back hairstyle that keeps your ears visible so the earrings are a major part of your outfit.

Coordinate Your Stacking Earrings With Your Other Jewellery

Why not coordinate your stacking earrings with other pieces of jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets. Not only will this help complete your outfit but it also allows you to create multiple looks with the jewellery in your collection.

How To Clean Stacking Earrings

Stacking earrings are ever so versatile and can be mixed and matched to create endless amounts of looks, but if not cared for properly they can become tarnished. With a little care and maintenance your Estella Bartlett stacking earrings will last a lifetime. If your stacking earrings are starting to look a little dull then a light clean with soap and water will help restore them to their former glory.


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