How to wear: the multi charm necklace

Our multi charm necklace has stood the Estella Bartlett test of time and is one of our founder’s particular favourites. It’s such a versatile necklace that the possibilities are endless – daunting, right? We’ve put together a list of a few ways to wear it just in case you need somewhere to start.

  1. Step one with the multi charm necklace is to choose whether you want it in silver or gold. They’re equally beautiful, with either a silver plated wing charm or a gold and cubic zirconia rainbow as their central charms. This decision might well be an easy one, as many people already lean in a silver direction or a gold one. If your style is more eclectic, and you like to mix and match your colours, we recommend the gold necklace, as its central rainbow charm gives even more variation to your outfit.
  2. Before we embark on a list of ways to wear the multi charm necklace in conjunction with other things, we need a disclaimer: this necklace stands very well on its own! A subtle statement necklace, it is perfect with a collared shirt, or even over the top of a high neck.
  3. Having said this, we can’t resist recommending that this necklace participates in a party: the layered necklace trend is sure to last for a long time, and we can’t stop wearing it. We recommend choosing one or two longer pendants with which to layer the multi charm necklace, such as a gemstone slice or our full sunburst necklace. If you’d like more advice on how to style multiple necklaces, read our style guide for tips.
  4. If you love to match your jewellery, try styling the multi charm necklace with its little sister, the multi charm bracelet. Alternatively, choose your favourite charm and take it from there: star bracelets and earrings abound, or rainbow accents can pull together your whole jewellery collection.

This is anything but an exhaustive list – the multi charm necklace looks beautiful and stylish in any combination! We’d love to see how you wear it. Shop all of our necklaces including Silver Plated Necklaces, Gold Plated Necklaces, Pendants and Chain Necklaces.