Delicate necklaces and how to style them

Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, the perfect accessory to complete a look is a delicate necklace. An elegant chain can be finished with a classic pendant, a gemstone drop, or multiple charms. If you're looking for ways to wear your most delicate chains, read on for a style guide to these sweet dainty necklaces.

The most popular way to jazz up a simple outfit is necklace layering. The most important tip for a layered look is to layer necklaces beginning with the longest, and working up to the shortest style. This allows you to effortlessly combine several lengths of pendant without tangles or snags, and you can style your chains with ease.

Try combining a delicate chain pendant with a multi-charm necklace. This way, you can show off a variety of necklace styles all at once, and the combination looks chic and purposeful. While some people like to stick to either gold or silver plated necklaces when layering, we love to play with a combination of metals, charms and gemstones.

If you've got a penchant for pendants, try layering two delicate pendant necklaces of different lengths. Choosing two of your favourite pendants that go together is the best way to start, and we suggest going for charms that are complementary in style, size and plating. Two celestial styles paired together are a beautiful way to elevate your outfit to a perfect evening look.

Delicate necklaces are also the perfect addition to any outfit that incorporates an embellished or lacy top. While a bolder necklace might disrupt or distract from a dainty neckline, elegant chains accompany these striking styles beautifully.

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