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Find your everyday accessory with an Estella Bartlett chain bracelet. From silver chain bracelets to...

Find your everyday accessory with an Estella Bartlett chain bracelet. From silver chain bracelets to gold chain bracelets, our delicately detailed bracelets will beautifully adorn your wrist and compliment your style. Perfectly highlighting the craftsmanship of Estella Bartlett jewellery, our chain bracelets are ideal for wearing solo for a minimal look or layering with your other favourite pieces for a stand out finish. 

For a feminine twist on chain bracelets, our delicate chain bracelets featuring pendants, pearls, and semi precious stones are a must have. For a more statement look, our rope chain bracelets, chunky chain bracelets and link chain bracelets are the wild card accessory that your jewellery collection needs. 

Ideal for gifting to yourself or a loved one, our range of silver chain bracelets and gold chain bracelets are perfect for adding a unique twist to your outfit. This stunning collection features double chain bracelets, chunky chain bracelets, rope chain bracelets, delicate chain bracelets, link chain bracelets, and much more. 

At Estella Bartlett, we have an exquisite selection of chain bracelets to choose from, in a vast range of styles and shapes. Finding a bracelet to suit your individual style has never been easier, shop the full collection of chain bracelets today. We also offer a range of gemstone bracelets, bangles, and friendship bracelets.

How Should A Chain Bracelet Fit?

Chain bracelets should fit loosely enough on the wrist for it to move freely but not loose enough to slide off your hand. In most cases, you should be able to fit one or two fingers between your wrist and the chain bracelet. That being said, most chain bracelets can be adjusted in size by a jeweller. 

Different Types Of Chain Bracelets

There are many different types of chain bracelets available, not only in colours such as silver and gold but also in the style of the chain used. From link chain bracelets and t-bar chain bracelets to rope chain bracelets and curb chain bracelets, there’s a chain to match each and every style. 

What is a link chain bracelet?

Link chain bracelets, also known as paperclip chain bracelets feature elongated round or rectangular links that give an attractive light and open chain look.

What is a rope chain bracelet?

A rope chain bracelet features small connected links which creates the shape and pattern of rope. The rope chain bracelet is available in two styles. The first resembles a smooth singular rope and the second resembles two ropes twisted together.

What Is A Curb Chain Bracelet?

Curb chain bracelets are available in thin and chunkier chain styles. They feature flat links that are twisted tightly together and once laid flat, interlock together.

What Is A T-Bar Chain Bracelet?

A t-bar chain bracelet can consist of any chain link but features a t-bar fastening. The t-bar fastening has one circular end of the chain and a bar on the other end of the chain. The t-bar is placed through the circle to create a decorative yet secure fastening.

What Is A Figaro Chain Bracelet?

The Figaro chain bracelet features two or three small circular links followed by one elongated oval link to create a decorative and delicate look. 

What Is A Belcher Chain Bracelet?

A belcher chain bracelet, also known as a Rolo chain bracelet features rounded interlocking links. The links are usually flat on the inside and have a thicker rounded edge on the outside. This style is great for pendant and charm bracelets.

How To Wear and Style Chain Bracelets?

There are many different ways to wear chain bracelets and there is no one size fits all method. The way you choose to wear chain bracelets may vary depending on your mood, your outfit or even what you’ll be doing that day. Read our top tips on how to wear chain bracelets.

Stick To One Metal Chain Colour

When wearing multiple chain bracelets, we recommend sticking to one metal chain colour. Whether you prefer gold or silver or like to mix it up depending on your outfit it's best to only wear one colour at a time. This helps to create a stylised yet effortless look. You can still add elements of colour to your chain bracelet look with the use of gemstones, pearls, pendants and coloured enamel.

Less Is More

Chain bracelets are great for wearing solo or layered but we recommend sticking to only wearing one to three bracelets at a time. Any more than this and you could overload your look which could distract from your outfit rather than elevate it. Whether you choose to rock a singular chunky chain bracelet or mix and match 3 smaller chain styles together, less is always more when it comes to accessorising. 

Mix And Match Chain Bracelet Styles

Although less is more when it comes to accessorising, a great way to add texture and depth to your look is to mix and match chain bracelet styles when creating a layered look. With so many chain bracelet types to choose from, it's a shame to only stick to wearing one style. Try wearing a combination of chain bracelets designs and thickness to help finish off your look. Whether you choose to wear a link chain bracelet and Figaro chain or a rope chain bracelet and belcher chain, the possibilities are endless.

Coordinate Your Chain Bracelets With Your Other Jewellery

Why not coordinate your chain bracelets with other pieces of jewellery such as matching chain necklaces. Not only will this give your outfit a stunning finish, but it also allows you to create more looks and styles out of the jewellery in your collection.