Estella Bartlett A-Z

If you've spent any time scrolling through our Instagram recently, you'll have noticed our series of alphabet posts, celebrating everything Estella Bartlett from A to Z. Highlighting our favourite inspirations, colours and styles, it's the accessories alphabet you've always needed.

A is for the Amelia Bracelet, our beautiful beaded bracelet featuring a range of colourful tourmaline beads.

B is for Bartlett. Brother and sister Nick and Louise started Estella Bartlett in 2011, and since then we've grown into a tight knit team providing the world with dainty jewellery, colourful small accessories, and whimiscal gifts - all with a playful twist.

C is for Cubic Zirconia. We use delicate CZ in our jewellery to bring the daintiest of glittering touches.

D is for Dinosaur, our all time favourite bag charm. All our charms are detachable and make great key chains to take with your everywhere you go.

E is for Elephant - you've loved our elephant necklace for years, so we decided to add this cute little charm to a pair of hoops.

F is for Family. Nick and Louise in Hong Kong in 2011. Whether we're with them or we miss them, we're all appreciating our nearest and dearest right now.

G is for Gold. Do you prefer wearing gold or silver? We love to dabble with a mixture of the two.

H is for Heart. One of our favourite charms in the EB collection is the simple open heart.

I is for Iridescent, a beautiful shimmering silver which catches the light and reflects a rainbow - one of our favourites.

J is for Jewellery - where would we be without a little sparkle every day?

K is for Keepsake. Our new lockets open up and are perfect for keeping close a little photo of a loved one. Keep your treasures safe in one of our jewellery boxes.

L is for Labradorite, a beautiful iridescent semi precious stone that glimmers beautifully when it catches the light. Labradorite is said to enhance intuition, perseverance and strenght.

M is for Mini Jewellery Box, our most popular jewellery storage style. It's small enough to sling in a bag and big enough to hold all the essentials.

N is for Nailed It! These portable nail kits are perfect for a moment of self care.

O is for Ombre. We love the little blue huggies at the top of this stack. The perfect accessory to make every day a little brighter.

P is for Pouches. Keep your accessories and essentials organised with our collection of pouches.

Q is for Quartz. Rose quartz is our particular favourite: it's a subtle pink shade with a pretty rosy hue.

R is for Rainbows. We love this beautiful symbol of hope and pride!

S is for Sunshine. The sunny weather is keeping us positive at the moment, but even when skies are grey these charms are an instant boost.

T is for Treasure Me. Each of our jewellery boxes is debossed with a message, and this is our current favourite.

U is for Unicorn. This dainty unicorn is from the EB archives.

V is for Velvet. Our super soft hair accessories are an ideal addition to jazz up any loungewear outfit.

W is for Wildflower, an eternal reminder of spring blossoms. This charms never fails to cheer us up, and makes up one of our absolute favourite matching sets.

X is for XO - we're sending a socially distant kiss and hug to all our nearest and dearest.

Y is for Yellow. As summer approaches this joyful colour always becomes our most popular, bringing a little bit of zing to your wardrobe.

Z is for this Zip Wallet, a stylish wallet with room for all your everyday essentials.

To view all of our beautiful A-Z images, head over to our Instagram page.