Thinking in Pink

Pink has always been a central Estella Bartlett colour. From rose gold jewellery to dreamy blush pouches and wallets, this journey through an Estella Bartlett love of pink will inspire you to add some of the subtle warm colour to your wardrobe.


Rose Gold Jewellery

The subtle pink shade of our rose gold plated earrings, necklaces, and bracelets adds a sophisticated twist to classic pieces. Our first recommendation, the Liberty bracelet, features one rose gold and one silver plated star, offset by a beautiful combination of rosy and silver plated beads. This bracelet is perfect for stacking with others for a lovely layered look.

Our second rose gold plated piece is a dreamy triple charm necklace, featuring a beautiful disc of rose quartz that looks simply lovely surrounded by its metallic pink counterparts. The three simple charms come together to make this necklace ideal as a single pendant, matched with some other beautiful rose gold pieces.

To complement this pendant up in the ear department, we recommend our gorgeous rose gold huggie earrings, again completed by droplets of rose quartz. All our rose gold plated jewellery is very versatile, but looks especially good with minimal white outfits with bursts of pink.

Blush Storage Solutions

Whether you’re overflowing with jewellery or prefer to treat yourself to a few choice pieces, it’s always useful to keep everything in one place. The following recommendations maintain our pale pink theme, ensuring that your belongings stay chic and colour coordinated!

Firstly, ourclassic square jewellery box, elegantly embossed with the words ‘Precious Things,’ is at its best in blush. Featuring a ring roll, an earring compartment, and plenty of space for whatever else you might want to keep safe and tidy, this jewellery box is a perfect pink storage solution. For a travel alternative, what about the tiny jewellery box? In the same blush faux leather, this tiny box is as cute as can be, with room for just a couple of favourites while you’re on the go. The tiny jewellery box also makes the perfect gift, on its own or alongside an elegant rose gold plated bracelet.

A fun alternative to a jewellery box is our mini jewellery roll, another member of the blush faux leather family. Plenty of room for your favourite necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, the jewellery roll allows you to travel in style, and folds up to the size of a wallet.


Rosy Hair Accessories

If rose gold jewellery isn’t your style but you’d love to add a bit of rosy colour into your look, then our velvet blush hair accessories are perfect. A subtle addition of pinkness to top off any outfit, these hair accessories are also beautifully soft to the touch. It’s a hard choice between the knotted Alice band and the adorable scrunchie complete with a bow, allowing you to sweep back your locks with the soft blush velvet. If you’re looking for something simpler, our classic scrunchie also comes in blush pink and is paired with its burgundy twin for a little variation.

Pink Gemstones

To top off our journey through the various pinks of Estella Bartlett, we’d love to introduce you to our three pink gemstones. First and foremost, our gentle rose quartz earrings are the perfect drop earrings, featuring a disc of gemstone surrounded by rose gold plating. Rose quartz is said to instil peace and compassion in its wearer, which isn’t surprising due to its soft hue.

Our second pink gemstone, coral agate, is a deeper playful pink, and is said to promote inner peace and positivity that helps to strengthen relationships. Our coral agate Amelia bracelet is made of beautiful beads, each slightly different from the last due to their varying colours and textures.

Pink chalcedony has a gentle, cooler hue than coral agate or rose quartz, and is said to protect its wearer from negative influences. We recommend our multi charm pendant, which includes a simple silver plated disc alongside a pink chalcedony charm. This necklace provides a sophisticated splash of colour in an otherwise monochromatic outfit.

If the traditional associations of gemstones spark your interest, read the Insights into our Gemstone Collection. Shop semi precious stone jewellery including Gemstone Necklaces, Gemstone Bracelets, Gemstone Anklets and Gemstone Earrings