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Adorn your ankle with our beautiful collection of gemstone anklets and ankle bracelets featuring semi-precious...

Adorn your ankle with our beautiful collection of gemstone anklets and ankle bracelets featuring semi-precious stones. Available in a beautiful selection of colours and styles, our gemstone ankle bracelets will transform your look. 


Perfect for adding a pop of colour to your outfit and for adding a statement finish, our gemstone anklets are the ultimate Spring/Summer accessory. From chain anklets to beaded anklets, our semi-precious stone anklets are a timeless classic. 


Available in silver and gold plating, our gemstone ankle bracelets and birthstone anklets make the perfect gift. Ideal for gifting at birthdays and special occasions, the semi-precious stones within this collection makes each anklet all the more unique. Featuring a vast array of semi-precious stones including pearl anklets, malachite anklets and amazonite anklets, there is a piece of gemstone jewellery to match every outfit. 


At Estella Bartlett, we have an exquisite selection of gemstone anklets to choose from, in a vast range of styles and materials. Finding a piece of jewellery to match your individual style has never been easier, shop the full collection of gemstone anklets and birthstone anklets for women today. We also offer gemstone earrings, gemstone necklaces, gemstone bracelets and silver and gold anklets.

What Are Gemstone Anklets?

Gemstone ankle bracelets are jewellery pieces that are worn around the ankle and feature gemstones as decoration. They are typically made from beads, cord or made from metal such as silver and gold plating. Typically made from coloured glass or natural minerals, the gemstones can come in a variety of sizes, cuts and finishes. There are many different types of gemstones, including Pearls, Malachite, Chalcedony, Agate, Onyx, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Ruby, Quartz, Tourmaline and more. Gemstone anklets can be worn for both fashion and personal meaning, as some people believe that certain gemstones have healing or spiritual properties.

What Do Gemstone Anklets Mean?

Gemstone anklets are often worn for decorative and fashion purposes, but some people believe that different gemstones have specific meanings and properties that can affect the wearer. Here are some possible meanings and properties associated with some common gemstones found in anklets:

  • Aqua Chalcedony Meaning: This beautiful marine stone is said to help balance the mind and emotions. 
  • Blue Chalcedony Meaning: Blue Chalcedony is said to imbue its wearer with stillness and calm.
  • Blue Lace Agate Meaning: A gentle blue stone, Blue Lace Agate is said to soothe stormy emotions
  • Coral Agate Meaning: This gentle pink stone is said to bring an inner peace and positivity that helps strengthen relationships with those around you. 
  • Green Onyx Meaning: Green Onyx is said to inspire mental and emotional clarity, as well as reducing stress and negativity.
  • Labradorite Meaning: Loved for its sophisticated iridescence, Labradorite is said to strengthen its wearer’s intuition and perseverance.
  • Lapis Lazuli Meaning: The intense blue of the Lapis Lazuli gemstone is said to bring good luck, wisdom, and healing to its wearer. 
  • Pink Chalcedony Meaning: Pink Chalcedony is said to inspire optimism in its wearer, with goodness radiating out from the pale pink stone. It is also said to offer its wearer protection from negative thoughts and influences.
  • Ruby Meaning: A classic symbol of love and passion, the Ruby gemstone is one of the most precious stones in our collection. Additionally, its vibrant red colour inspires strength and resilience in its wearer.
  • Rose Quartz Meaning: Rose Quartz is said to promote love and compassion in those who wear it. As well as being dubbed the ‘love stone,’ Rose Quartz is associated with peace and tranquillity. 
  • Smoky Quartz Meaning: Smoky Quartz is said to reduce negativity and promote a sunny disposition, inspiring optimism and banishing dark clouds.
  • Tourmaline Meaning: Tourmaline gemstones come in a wide variety of colours and textures, no two of which are identical. These beautiful stones are said to neutralise negativity and encourage positive thoughts.

How To Wear Gemstone Anklets?

Gemstone ankle bracelets are a great way of accessorising an outfit and they can be worn in a variety of ways. Here’s our top tips on how to style gemstone anklets:

Consider Your Outfit And Style

Choose a gemstone anklet that complements your personal style and outfit. If you are wearing a casual outfit, a simple beaded gemstone anklet might be a good choice. If you are dressing up for a special occasion, a more elegant and ornate gemstone anklet may be more appropriate.


Consider The Event Or Occasion 

Keep in mind that gemstone anklets are typically more delicate and prone to damage than other types of jewellery. Avoid wearing them in situations where they may get caught or snagged, and take care to store them properly by using a jewellery box.

Experiment With Different Ways Of Wearing

Try experimenting with different ways of wearing your gemstone ankle bracelet. You can wear it on its own, or pair it with other pieces of jewellery such as bangles or rings. You can also mix and match different anklets to create a layered and eclectic look. Alternatively, you could wear your anklet as a bracelet.

Coordinate With Your Other Jewellery

Why not coordinate your gemstone bracelet with other pieces of gemstone jewellery such as gemstone bracelets, gemstone necklaces and gemstone anklets