How To Stack and Layer Bracelets

Stacking bracelets is the latest jewellery trend that's taking the fashion world by storm. By layering multiple bracelets on one wrist, you can mix and match different sizes, designs, and materials to create a unique and personalised look that reflects your individual style.


The best part? Stacking bracelets is an easy way to get more wear out of your jewellery collection, as you can switch up your look by combining different bracelets in endless ways.


If you're not sure where to start, don't worry! Our comprehensive guide will show you how to stack bracelets like a pro. We'll give you tips on achieving a cohesive look that perfectly suits your taste, and teach you how to mix and match different materials and styles to create a look that's all your own. So, get ready to elevate your jewellery game with the art of stacking bracelets.

What Type Of Bracelets Can Be Used For Stacking Bracelets?

Almost any kind of bracelet can be used in a bracelet stack including bangles, chain bracelets, friendship bracelets, gemstone bracelets and slider bracelets. However, when choosing the types of bracelets to include in your stack, you may want to consider what will best match your style and outfit.

Find out more about the different types of bracelets we offer that can be worn in a bracelet stack:


  • Silver Plated Bracelets: All of our silver bracelets are made from a base metal and then coated in pure silver plating. This ensures that you get to wear the most on trend and timeless jewellery at the most affordable price.
  • Gold Plated Bracelets: All of our gold bracelets are made from a base metal and then coated in pure gold plating. This ensures that you get to wear the most on trend and timeless jewellery at the most affordable price.
  • Friendship Bracelets: For something meaningful that symbolises an unbreakable bond, our friendship bracelets are the perfect choice. With a variety of materials and adornments like pendants, gemstones, or beads, you can choose the perfect one to represent your friendship.
  • Chain Bracelets: Our chain bracelets come in a range of styles and metals, from delicate links to chunky ropes, so you can find the perfect match for any outfit. 
  • Bangles: Looking for something more rigid? Check out our elegant bangles, available in both silver and gold plating, featuring semi-precious stones and infinity designs.
  • Slider Bracelets: If you're after something adjustable, our slider bracelets are perfect. Featuring a cord strap and an adjustable tying system, you can easily loosen or tighten the bracelet to fit your wrist. We offer both silver and gold plated slider bracelets featuring a vast selection of straps, beads, gemstones and beads
  • Gemstone Bracelets: For those who love the sparkle of gemstones, our gemstone bracelets and birthstone bracelets are a must-have. With a vast selection of semi-precious stones, including Cubic Zirconia, Agate, Quartz, Faux Pearls, Amazonite, and more, there's something for everyone in our collection.

How To Stack Bracelets

Bracelets are a great way to add some style and personality to your outfit. Whether you prefer delicate and dainty or bold and chunky, stacking bracelets is a fun and easy way to create a unique look. But with so many different styles and sizes to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are our top tips on how to stack bracelets.


1. Mix and Match

If you’re a lover of bracelets then why not try mixing and matching your favourite styles of bangles and bracelets together. Try layering different types, sizes and weights of bracelets, such as beaded and chain styles to add dimension and texture to your look. You can also mix and match metals, such as gold and silver, for a contemporary finish.

Mixing and matching bracelet styles is a great way of adding a focal point to your outfit. That being said, you should consider choosing only one statement bracelet so that it doesn't start to look too heavy or excessive on your wrist. Pair statement pieces with delicate bracelets such as dainty chain bracelets for a balanced and well thought out look.


2. Keep it Simple 

When creating a bracelet stack, try to keep both of your wrists in mind. You could choose to only stack bracelets on one wrist or on both. However, you should try to avoid creating identical bracelet stacks on both wrists as this can feel a little bit matchy-matchy. Instead choose one wrist that will feature your stacking bracelets and on the other wrist place only one to two pieces of jewellery.

If in doubt, stick to the less is more rule and keep things simple. Stick to wearing only two or three bracelets per wrist to avoid looking cluttered. If you're wearing a statement piece like a chunky bangle, pair it with a few simpler bracelets to balance the look.


3. Experiment With Size and Weight


For a layered bracelet stack that really stands out from the crowd, why not go for bracelets of varying weight and size. From chunky bangles and statement friendship bracelets to delicate chain bracelets and sliders, the choice is endless.

Experimenting with different bracelet sizes can be a really fun way of adding dimension and texture to your stacked look. This can be especially effective when creating a statement evening or bohemian look.


4. Add Colour 

Colour is an important factor to consider when stacking bracelets. If you're wearing a colourful outfit, stick to neutral bracelets to avoid clashing such as silver bracelets and gold bracelets. Alternatively, you can use bracelets to add a pop of colour to a neutral outfit.

Wearing gemstone bracelets can be a really effective way of elevating your bracelet stack. Not only will it add a pop of colour and vibrancy to your outfit but they are also ideal for special occasions when you’re looking to bring the glamour.


5. Start Small

If you’re new to bracelet stacking or are simply a fan of the minimalistic aesthetic, keep things simple and only wear minimal jewellery as part of your stack. Less is often more when it comes to stacking bracelets so avoid overloading your wrists with too many pieces, or the overall look may become too heavy looking.


Alternatively you could start by only stacking bracelets in the same metal that don’t feature any gemstone or pendants, such as silver bracelets and gold bracelets. This way you can dip your toe into the world of bracelets stacking without looking back with regret.


6. Be Creative 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to stacking bracelets, so don't be afraid to get creative. Try combining different styles and materials to create a unique look that reflects your personal style.

How To Stack Bracelets With A Watch 

If you're wearing a wristwatch, it can be tempting to skip the bracelets altogether. However, a wristwatch can actually be a great starting point for bracelet stacking. Here’s our top tips on how to layer a watch and bracelets:


  1. Consider the colour and material of your watch. If your watch is silver or gold, consider stacking bracelets that complement the metal. If your watch is leather, you can stack bracelets with similar textures or colours.
  2. Mix and match different types of bracelets. Combine thin and thick bracelets, different materials, and various textures. For example, you can mix beaded bracelets with leather or metal watch cuffs.
  3. Pay attention to proportion. If your watch is bulky, balance it with thinner bracelets. If your watch is delicate, you can add more substantial bracelets for contrast.
  4. Don't be afraid to experiment! Stacking bracelets is all about expressing your personal style, so have fun and try out different combinations until you find a look that you love.

    How To Style Stacking Bracelets

    There are lots of different ways to style stacking bracelets and it really comes down to the preferences of the wearer. That being said, we recommend wearing bracelets that reflect your style, that match your outfit and can be coordinated with your other pieces of jewellery.

    There are countless ways to style stacking bracelets, and it all boils down to personal taste and preference.  That being said, we recommend wearing bracelets that reflect your style, that match your outfit and can be coordinated with your other pieces of jewellery. Here’s our top tips on how style stacking bracelets:

    Reflect Your Style 

    Your bracelets should reflect your unique sense of style. So go ahead and choose ones that speak to your soul! Whether you're into natural stones or bold metallic cuffs, make sure they embody the essence of you.

    Consider Your Outfit 

    When it comes to stacking bracelets, it's important to consider your outfit. But that doesn't mean you have to play it safe! Get creative and mix and match different textures, colours and styles to create a look that is uniquely you. In summer choose an outfit that reveals your wrist allowing you to show off your bracelet stack. And in winter consider layering one or two bangles over the top of plain long sleeve tops for an edgy look.

    Coordinate Your Stacking Bracelets With Your Other Jewellery

    Why not coordinate your stacking bracelets with other pieces of jewellery such as necklaces and earrings. Not only will this help complete your outfit but it also allows you to create multiple looks with the jewellery in your collection.


    Create Your Own Bracelet Stack Today! 

    Now that you know how to stack bracelets, why not add some new jewellery to your collection. Here at Estella Bartlett, we offer a huge range of bracelets that are perfect for creating a layered look. Available in silver and gold and featuring friendship bracelets, chain bracelets, bangles and gemstone bracelets, you’re sure to find what you are looking for in our collection.