30 Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Find the perfect way to propose to your I do crew with our ‘be my bridesmaid’ guide and 30 unique bridesmaid proposal ideas. With gift ideas suitable for every bride and future bridesmaids you’re sure to be inspired. Find out more.


What is a Bridesmaid Proposal?

Bridesmaid proposals are fairly new and have been inspired by the groom proposing to the bride. It's an opportunity for the bride to ask her closest friends and family to be her bridesmaids on her special day. What better way to show your soon to be how do crew how much they mean to you than with a thoughtful and sentimental gift.


What should be included in a bridesmaid proposal?

When it comes to bridesmaid proposals there’s no one set rule for all. You can go as big or as small as you wish. We all know that sentimental gifts hold more value than something that costs more so simply choose something that you think your bridesmaids will love.


How much should you spend on a bridesmaid proposal?

While some people think that there should be a set budget for bridesmaid proposals it really comes down to the individual. Whether you choose to splash out on lavish gifts or choose to make something yourself, it's the thought and sentiment that truly matters. Set yourself a budget that works for you and don’t feel pressured to spend more or less. Whatever you choose for your bridesmaid proposal, your I do crew will just be honoured to have been asked in the first place.


How to ask someone to be your bridesmaid?

There’s lots of different ways of asking people to be your bridesmaids and a proposal gift is a great way to make it official. You could invite your soon to be bridesmaids round for a girls night in or arrange a meal or evening out. Once everyone has arrived you can hand out your bridesmaid proposal gifts. This is also a great opportunity to speak to your bridesmaids about ideas for your wedding and to talk about bridesmaid duties.


When should you ask someone to be your bridesmaid?

There is no set rule on when you should ask someone to be your bridesmaid but you should consider waiting until you know your wedding date so that your bridesmaid will have a better idea of their availability. Asking them well in advance of your wedding day also means they are more likely to be able to help you prepare and plan for the wedding.


Bridesmaid proposal ideas

1. Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Bridesmaid proposal boxes are a great way to put together a collection of treats and gifts. With a range of box styles to choose from including personalised cardboard boxes, wooden keepsake boxes and proposal gift bags, you can curate your boxes content to each bridesmaids taste. Alternatively, if you’re not sure what to include in your bridesmaid proposal box then there are lots of pre-packaged gift sets online.

2. Bracelets, Bangles and Friendship Bracelets

Bridesmaid proposal bracelets are a great way to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids. Not only are bracelets a traditional symbol of friendship but your bridesmaids can also wear them on the actual wedding day, adding to their charm and sentiment. We offer a wide range of bracelets suitable for bridesmaid proposals including, bangles, chain bracelets and friendship bracelets. Whether you choose to go for something glamorous or more everyday cool, your bridesmaids are sure to love and cherish the bracelets for years to come.

3. Bridesmaid Proposal Card

For something a little more personal a bridesmaid proposal card is a great choice. Allowing you to write each of your bridesmaids a personalised message or letter, proposal cards are sure to leave a lasting impression. A heartfelt message can mean far more than a physical gift and are bound to be something they hold onto as a keepsake.

4. Bridesmaid Proposal Necklace

Bridesmaid proposal necklaces and pendants are a thoughtful way of asking your squad to be your bridesmaids. You could choose the same necklace for each bridesmaid so that they’ll all be matching and ask them to wear them on the wedding day. Alternatively, based on your bridesmaids interests you could choose something that is unique to them. Not only will they appreciate the gesture but they’ll be so excited that you chose them and went to such lengths to choose something personal to them. We offer a wide range of necklaces suitable for bridesmaid proposals including, gold plated necklaces, silver plated necklaces, gemstone necklaces, pendant necklaces and chain necklaces.

5. Bridesmaid Proposal Hanger

Bridesmaid proposal hangers are a fun and novelty way of letting your closest friends know that you’re getting married and that you want them to be your bridesmaids. Perfect for keeping their bridesmaid dress safe in storage, a bridesmaid hanger is a practical yet sweet way to propose to your bridesmaids. Get creative and make your own with pastel coloured paint, personalised calligraphy and embellishments. Alternatively you can find someone who can make them for you online saving you time and money on buying supplies.

6. Bridesmaid Proposal Earrings

Great things truly do come in small packages and what better way to pop the question to your potential ‘I Do Crew’ than with a pair of stunning earrings. Surprise and delight your bridesmaids with a range of earrings that are suitable to be worn on the wedding day as well as statement pieces that are packed with personality. From subtle and stylish earrings such as studs and drop earrings to bold and timeless pieces such as huggies and hoops as well as ear cuffs, you’re sure to find the perfect earrings for your bridesmaids. All of our earrings are beautifully presented with a grey velvet drawstring bag but we also offer gift wrapping at the checkout.

7. Bridesmaid Proposal Candle

If jewellery isn’t really your bridesmaids thing then our selection of beautifully fragranced candles are an excellent choice. Perfect for relaxing as well as the scent reminding them of your special day, bridesmaid proposal candles are a unique and special way of including your friends and family on your wedding day. In a sleek glass candle holder and in beautiful packaging, our candles make the perfect gift for a bridesmaid proposal. With scents including Orange Blossom. Berries, Bergamot, Rose and Geranium and many more, you’re able to choose a scent that each of you bridesmaid will love.

8. Bridesmaid Proposal Makeup Bag

For the ultimate versatile and thoughtful bridesmaid proposal gift, a makeup bag or pouch is a must have. This game changing accessory is the ultimate bridesmaid proposal gift. With pouches available in a range of styles, colours, fabrics and sizes, this unique accessory can be used as a makeup bag, clutch bag, handbag organiser, jewellery pouch and so much more. From iridescent silver and blush pink pouches ideal for using as a bridesmaid clutch bag to navy and daisy print half moon pouches perfect for makeup and travel, these adaptable and stylish pouches should be in every bridesmaids collection.

9. Bridesmaid Proposal Flowers

A timeless classic, flowers are perfect for using in your bridesmaid proposal. From dainty wildflower bouquets to bountiful blooms, your bridesmaid will be honoured to have been asked to be a part of your wedding. Ideal for all budgets, bridesmaid proposal flowers can be as big or as small as your heart desires. With so many options available in store and online for delivery, you can reach out to your bridesmaids with flowers no matter where they are in the world. For a modern twist on flower bouquets opt for dried flowers. Not only is this a unique and memorable touch but they will also last longer.

10. Bridesmaid Proposal Puzzle

If your soon to be bridesmaids like a challenge then why not test their skills with a bridesmaid proposal puzzle. This can come in all shapes and sizes. From a photo jigsaw puzzle to a treasure hunt, a bridesmaid proposal puzzle is a truly fun and unique way of turning it into an activity. There are plenty of photo puzzle options available online and your bridesmaids can even frame the puzzle once completed as a memento.

11. Bridesmaid Proposal Balloon

Bring an element of surprise to your “I Do Crew” with bridesmaid proposal balloons. Have the question “ will you be my bridesmaid?” printed on the balloon and either give it to them in a box or have it delivered. Sure to fill their heart with joy and excitement, this balloon proposal idea is an Insta-worthy idea and is great for filming their reaction.

12. Bridesmaid Proposal Prosecco

Who doesn’t love a glass of fizz? Propose to your bridesmaids with a personalised bottle of prosecco. Either make your own label or have one professionally made with your desired message. Not only will they be delighted at being gifted a bottle of their favourite drink but they will also feel privileged to have been asked to be included in your big day. Perfect for enjoying with friends and celebrating the news, prosecco is a great way of inviting your nearest and dearest to be part of your special day.

13. Bridesmaid Proposal Spa Box

Pamper your bridesmaids with a bridesmaids proposal spa box. If your friends and family are feeling rushed off their feet with work and family commitments, then a bridesmaid proposal spa box will be the perfect surprise. Make your own using all of their favourite skincare products or buy a premade box online.

14. Bridesmaid Proposal Photo Album

If you’re looking for a bridesmaid proposal idea that is truly thoughtful and that will be cherished forever, then a photo album is the one for you. Create a photo album or scrapbook with all of your favourite photos and memories and leave the last page blank so you can write the question: “will you be my bridesmaid?”. This idea is sure to not leave a dry eye in the house and is something they will hold on to for years to come.

15. Bridesmaid Proposal Biscuits

For those with a sweet tooth, bridesmaid proposal biscuits are a tasty way of asking your friends and family to be involved in your wedding. Whether you choose to go down the homemade route or reach out to a local bakery, you can make your bridesmaid proposal biscuits as extravagant or as simple as you wish. From shortbread decorated with icing to chocolate brownies iced with a personal message, your biscuits are sure to be a hit.

16. Bridesmaid Proposal Mug

Us Brits are notorious for loving a cup of tea, so what better way to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids than with a personalised bridesmaid proposal mug. There are so many options to choose from with this idea allowing you to get creative with it. From photo mugs to hand painted mugs, the personalised element of this bridesmaid proposal idea allows you to create something unique for each of your bridesmaids.

17. Bridesmaid Proposal PJ’s

Bridesmaid proposal PJ’s are great for surprising your future bridesmaids. Host a girls night in or sleepover and surprise them with unique pyjamas with the message “will you be my bridesmaid?” From cute little shorts and cami sets to comfy silky loungewear, you’re sure to find something that they’ll love. Not only can they wear these pyjamas on your girls night in and at home, but they can also wear them on your hen do (if you go away for the night) and while your bridesmaids are getting ready on your wedding day.

18. Bridesmaid Proposal Scratch Card

Great for filming your friends and family members reactions, bridesmaid proposal scratch cards add a fun element of surprise. With a range of stylish and pretty bridesmaid proposal scratch cards available they’re a great way to start talking about wedding preparations. Not only will they be overjoyed to have been asked to be part of your wedding in such a unique way, but the scratch card will also make the perfect keepsake.

19. Bridesmaid Proposal Jewellery Box

For your bridesmaids that love their jewellery, why not opt for a bridesmaid proposal jewellery box. Available in a range of sizes, styles and colours, our jewellery boxes make the perfect gift. From sweet and simple blush jewellery boxes to styles featuring bright and bold colourful appliques, you’re sure to find a jewellery box to match the style and interests of each of your bridesmaids. Leave a note inside the jewellery box so that when they open it, they will see the message “will you be my bridesmaid?”

20. Bridesmaid Proposal Confetti Bomb

Go out with a bang with a bridesmaid proposal confetti bomb. The ultimate surprise, this idea will certainly bring a few laughs and giggles to your bridesmaid proposal. From confetti cannons to dried flower poppers, your friends and family will love this fun and exciting idea. Make a day of it and invite your chosen few 'round for drinks and food, then when the timing is right you can ‘pop’ the question.

21. Bridesmaid Proposal Shot Glasses

Ideal for party girls, bridesmaid proposal shot glasses are a fun way of inviting your friends to be a part of your special day. A sign of things to come on your hen do, shot glasses are a classic sign of a celebration. Opt for personalised bridesmaid proposal shot glasses either with each of your bridesmaids' names or with the message of your choice. Perfect for keeping as a memento, every time they use that glass they will think of you.

22. Bridesmaid Proposal Denim Jacket

For those that love to get creative, a bridesmaid proposal denim jacket is a great idea. Paint a new, existing or second hand denim jacket with the design of your choice. From pretty florals to modern pastel designs, you’ll have as much fun painting the jackets as your bridesmaid will wearing them. If you love the idea of bridesmaid proposal denim jackets but aren’t confident painting them yourself then there are plenty of options online.

23. Bridesmaid Proposal Message In A Bottle

A message in a bottle is a thoughtful yet sweet way of proposing to your bridesmaids. The ultimate keepsake, you can either make a message in a bottle yourself or buy one online. From large bottles with long letters inside to small glass bottles with a mini scroll inside you’re sure to find one that matches your style and budget.

24. Bridesmaid Proposal Trinket Tray

Bridesmaid proposal trinket trays are as practical as they are thoughtful. Available in a range of stylish options, trinket trays can be used for a variety of different items including jewellery, money, hair clips, keys and much more. Based on your bridesmaids personality and interests you can choose a trinket tray that matches their style. Your ‘I Do Crew’ will love the idea of a bridesmaid proposal trinket tray and won’t be able to live without it.

25. Bridesmaid Proposal Christmas Bauble

For those getting married around Christmas time, a bridesmaid proposal Christmas bauble is the ultimate gift. Perfect for celebrating the season as well as your wedding, this truly thoughtful gift will be a part of their home for years to come. With lots of choices available online as well as the choice of painting your own, a christmas bauble is sure to bring a smile to their face. Not only will they be honoured to have been asked to be a part of your special day, but each year they can hang the bauble on their Christmas tree.

26. Bridesmaid Proposal Wine Stopper

Bridesmaid proposal wine stoppers are the perfect gift for those that love a glass of wine or two. Practical yet thoughtful, a wine stopper is a great way of sharing the love. With plenty of styles to choose from including custom crystal designs, personalised metal stoppers and rustic cork options, you’re sure to find one that matches the aesthetic of your wedding. Your bridesmaids are sure to love the gesture and will think of you each time they use it.

27. Bridesmaid Proposal Flower Seeds

For the green-thumbed and sustainable bridesmaids out there, bridesmaid proposal flower seeds make a sweet and lasting gesture. With a vast range of flower seed options available, you’re sure to find the perfect blooms for your bridesmaids. Whether you choose flower seeds to match the flowers in your wedding or have chosen your bridesmaids favourite flowers, with the right love and care this gift can last a lifetime. There are plenty of options available online with sellers offering flower seeds in personalised packaging.

28. Bridesmaid Proposal T-Shirt

A timeless classic, bridesmaid proposal T-shirts are sure to be a winner. Perfect for wearing on hen do’s and during the wedding preparations, your soon to be bridesmaids will wear their T-shirts like a badge of honour. Ideal for every shape and size, there are an abundance of bridesmaid proposal T-Shirts available online. Choose T-shirts in your favourite style or colour and have a personalised message of your choice printed on the back.

29. Bridesmaid Proposal Hair Accessories

What better way to propose to your bridesmaids than with a hair accessory that you’d like them to wear on the day. If jewellery isn’t really your thing then hair accessories are the perfect choice for adorning their hair. We offer a wide selection of delicate and romantic hair accessories including hair clips, scrunchies and headbands. From dainty jewelled hair slides to luxurious velvet headbands, you’re sure to find the perfect hair accessory for your ‘I Do Crew’.

30. Bridesmaid Proposal Watch

Last but not least, why not pop the question to your bridesmaids with a bridesmaid proposal watch. Time is the ultimate gift and what better way to represent the time you have spent together in your friendship than with a stylish timepiece. We offer a range of women’s watches perfect for every occasion. From silicone watches to faux leather watches, there’s something for every style and taste.

We hope that our bridesmaid proposal ideas guide has filled you with wedding inspiration. For more gift ideas check out our range of bridesmaids gifts.

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