Your Jewellery Care Guide

Give your jewellery some tender loving care. In this guide, we will share our tips on how to keep our plated jewellery shiny and new for as long as possible.

Check it out below:


  • Do not wear your jewellery whilst sleeping. Even though the metal is a strong material, it’s delicate and needs to be taken care of. Sleeping in chains weakens the links.
  • Overexposure to sunlight can cause colour to fade. Avoid sunbathing in your EB pieces!
  • Don’t wear in water; it’s best to take off before you shower and always make sure you don’t swim in your jewellery!
  • Apply body lotions and perfumes before putting your jewellery on in the morning.
  • Take off before you do any cleaning at home to avoid contact with the harsh chemicals in cleaning products.


  • Keep your jewellery safe in one of our Jewellery Boxes, which are also available in mini travel sizes.

  • Sunlight can accelerate the tarnishing process so make sure you store away from the window. The sterling silver plating on our silver pieces is susceptible to tarnishing.
  • Keep your chains untangled to avoid knots that can weaken or kink the necklace or bracelet.


  • Keep your jewellery looking it’s best by using a soft clean microfibre material to gently wipe away surface oils, or any dirt that comes with day to day wear. Our web exclusive grey jewellery pouch is ideal in keeping your jewellery clean & protected when not being worn.

  • Our jewellery has been crafted in brass and plated with real gold & silver. To prolong its shine ensure you NEVER use a cleaning solution or polish when you’re cleaning plated jewellery.