Pilates with The Movement Studio

This week in our Working From Home series on Instagram, we were lucky enough to be hosted by Gabrielle, co-owner of the The Movement Studio, a Pilates and Yoga studio in North London.

As well as talking us through her teaching style, inspirations, and favourite Estella Bartlett products, Gabrielle treated us to three simple Pilates exercises that are the perfect antidote to working from home.


Pelvic Tilt into Bridge

This move, from a pelvic tilt into a bridge, helps to strengthen the hips and legs.


Chest Lift

These chest lifts are a great way to strengthen your abs, moving the knees into a table top position as an optional next step.


Tricep Dips

Our final move is a series of tricep dips: these are perfect for strengthening the backs of the arms and shoulders, and opening the chest. An ideal stretch to do after working at a computer all day or being hunched over at your desk.

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