Life at EB: Van

Welcome to the third interview in our #EBHQ series where we share an insight into our creative space here at Team EB. This month we caught up with our very own E-commerce Manager, Van.

Introduce yourself and tell us what your job entails…

Hello, my name is Van. I'm the e-Commerce Manager and I look after our website at! The big part of my job is to make sure everything working smoothly on the website, products look good, and customers are happy!

What is your favourite part about working for Estella Bartlett?

It's so exciting to see what's been cooking up from our creative and design team, and then we work to forecast our web customer trends - it's so rewarding when our promotion plan works well with good figures. Oh, also who doesn't love to be the first to get your hand on the trendiest jewellery at the moment?

What are the key skills that are needed for your job?

Analytical skill and the love of shopping! Our team spends lots of time doing detective work by analysing our data to find out what's work and what's not working. Sometimes I feel like I'm Sherlock Holmes (lol)! I believe if you want the customers to buy you need to put yourself in their shoe to understand what they want, the love of shopping is definitely in my JD.

What’s the best bit of advice you’d give your younger self?

Believe in yourself. It's very cheesy but it's so true.

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