Lucky Charm Jewellery Guide

The prevalence of good luck charms throughout history reveals their power, whether this be their associations with magic or the comforting presence of a symbol that complements and lifts your mood. Good luck charms are seen throughout art and fashion history, and are often worn as jewellery, becoming tiny talismans to carry around wherever you go. From love symbols to protection charms, find out their meanings and adorn yourself with lucky charm jewellery. Read our lucky charm jewellery guide and you’ll be sure to find something truly special.


Symbols of Love


A good luck symbol that has truly found its place in the 21st century is the heart shape. Representing affection in every form, the love symbol can be seen everywhere, from high fashion to cakes, makeup to t-shirts. And of course, hearts feature on earrings, necklaces and bracelets in a wide variety of shapes, colours, sizes and forms. While we advise against metaphorically wearing your heart on your sleeve, a heart bracelet is an irresistible addition to any outfit, and a heart shaped gift is a beautiful expression of love, whether driven by romance, friendship, or family.


Celestial Symbols


Many good luck charms are symbols inspired by the powerful forces of nature, particularly the celestial symbols of the sun, moon and stars. In our London office we can 100% relate to yearning for the sun to come out and paying it homage via charms and trinkets seems particularly apt during the winter months. Star jewellery is another popular form of a good luck charm, and alongside the cloud symbol that represents Estella Bartlett, it's one of our most enduring motifs.


Lightning Bolt and Rainbow Symbols


While charms with lightning and rainbow symbols may once have been hoped to encourage the rain to come, their meanings have since transformed: the rainbow, a motif of hope, is also importantly a symbol of progress and pride for LGBTQ+ communities worldwide and in more recent times has become a symbol of support for the NHS and key workers. In addition the lightning bolt symbol now represents power and when worn as jewellery can make the wearer feel confident and brave.


Protection Symbols


Another popular form of good luck charm is the protection symbol. Whether this be a lucky eye, a four leafed clover or an open palm, the most important element of a protection symbol is that it is personal to its wearer. Good luck symbols and protection symbols are at their most reassuring when they are meaningful, so choose symbols that stand out to you.


Wings Symbol


Wings carry a number of associations including religion, fairies, demons and spirits, however for most people they simply symbolise freedom and spirituality. Whether wings bring the feeling of possibility and hope or help you feel that a loved one is close, their ethereal and heavenly appearance makes them perfect to wear as charm jewellery. Either on a necklace, bracelet or as a pair of earrings their presence will give you the strength to conquer each day.

Multi Charm Necklaces and Bracelets


What better way to cover all bases than with multi charm necklaces and multi charm bracelets. This type of jewellery has been coveted throughout history for not only being a fashion icon but also for bringing the wearer love, happiness, prosperity and protection. We offer a range of multi charm necklaces including the gold plated cubic zirconia multi charm necklace and silver plated multi lucky charm necklace.


Whether or not good luck charms manifest good fortune in those who wear them, meaningful jewellery is an important part of anyone’s personal symbolism and story. To add to your collection of good luck charms, shop the Estella Bartlett jewellery collection.


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