Heaven-Scent | A Seasonal Guide to Our Candles

Candles are a popular Christmas gift for a good reason: they are placed in the heart of the home and are a reminder of the gift exchange every time they are lit. Sitting in their own soft pool of warm light, they fill the room with their fragrance and add an extra layer of homeliness. Our candles come in six different scents, all of which are perfect for all year round, but make particularly good additions to a festively decorated home. Estella Bartlett candles are all created in England, and are made of biodegradable and renewable soy wax for the minimum impact on the environment.


Classic Christmas fragrances


Whether your tree is dripping with eclectic ornaments or minimally adorned with a set of matching baubles, a love of the scent of pine needles unites all Christmas tree decorators. A subtle Christmassy feeling emanates out of our fir candle, which will fill your home with the classic seasonal fragrance. Inspired by the traditional Christmas tree with candles on every bough, the combination of fir, pine and clove brings a warm and festive atmosphere.


Giving off a warm fruity fragrance, our berries scented candle combines juniper, blackcurrant leaves, and rose. While reminding us all to look forward to spring, the fragrance of juniper roots this candle firmly in the festive Christmas season.


A citrus twist

Orange Blossom

Oranges are an integral part of the Christmas tradition, whether they’re found in the bottom of a stocking, pierced with cloves, or part of an elaborate garland. Our orange blossom candle combines two exotic citrus scents, blood orange and petit grain, with geranium petals, and the outcome is a gorgeous fruity and floral festive fragrance.


Bergamot, an ingredient that is found present in almost every perfume under your tree this year, is a fragrant citrus that lies somewhere between a lemon and a bitter orange. Blended with neroli and lemon, our bergamot candle gives off the ultimate soft citrus scent, balancing the sour and the sweet in perfect unison.


Fruity and floral


Figs are an absolutely essential part of a Christmas dessert, and have you tried them wrapped in Parma ham? Our fig candle gives off a mouthwatering scent, sure to inspire a delicious Christmas spirit in every room of your home. The candle contains a blend of fig leaves and fig wood, which is brought to life by the neroli oil that completes its festive scent.

Rose and Geranium

Our rose and geranium candle is perfect for fans of a more floral fragrance, a reminder of spring in the depths of winter. Scented with rose, geranium and lemongrass, the subtle scents of the springtime banish the miserable weather outside, and perfectly complement the natural world of fir trees and redcurrants that we bring inside during the winter months.


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