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Celebrate your friendship with your loved ones with our collection of gold and silver friendship...

Celebrate your friendship with your loved ones with our collection of gold and silver friendship bracelets. Inspired by memories and sentiment, our friendship bracelets make an excellent gift for yourself or your friends. With a range of silver and gold friendship bracelets to choose from, there’s something to compliment every style. We have an excellent selection of subtle yet stylish friendship bracelets featuring symbols of luck and prosperity that can be worn day or night. 

We offer a range of classic friendship bracelets and jewellery featuring coloured beads and symbols as well as more timeless friendship bracelets for those with a curated aesthetic. Our gold friendship bracelets bring an element of warmth and charm to any look whereas our silver friendship bracelets add a timeless appeal. In addition to gold and silver friendship bracelets, we also offer a stunning range of beaded friendship bracelets. Featuring a vast array and pastel and jewel tone beads in different sizes and shapes, our beaded friendship bracelets will add a playful element to your look.

With friendship bracelets featuring beautiful details such as pearls, beads, symbols, pendants, semi precious stones, there is a piece of friendship jewellery for every style and taste. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, our choice of friendship bracelets is endless. Ideal for stacking up your wrist or wearing solo, our choice of gold and silver friendship bracelets means you can curate your own unique look. Shop the full collection of friendship bracelets today. We also offer a range of chain bracelets, bangles and gemstone bracelets.


Friendship Bracelets Meaning

Friendship bracelets are typically given by one friend to another to symbolise a strong and everlasting friendship. According to folklore, one ties a bracelet onto the wrist of a friend as a symbol of friendship and may wish for something at that moment. The bracelet should be worn until it is totally worn out and falls off by itself to honour the effort and love put into the friendship. The moment at which the bracelet falls off on its own, the wish is supposed to come true. Not only can friendship bracelets help wishes come true but they are also associated with sentiment which can spark memories and emotion from a significant time in the wearer's life, or simply as a reminder of a close friendship. Whether you and your bestie see each other every day or are separated by distance, friendship bracelets will help you feel connected and loved wherever you are.

Friendship Bracelet Colour Meaning

Although all friendship bracelets symbolise long lasting love, friendship and happiness, the colours of each bracelet have a greater meaning that can add an extra layer of thought to a sentimental gift. Let’s take a look at what each friendship bracelet colour means:

  • Silver - Strength
  • Gold - Generosity
  • Rose Gold - Harmony
  • Coral - Luck
  • Navy - Courage
  • Green - Hope
  • Nude/Cream - Calm
  • Orange - Creativity
  • Pink - Love and Joy
  • Royal Blue - Wisdom
  • Turquoise - Peace and Tranquillity
  • Yellow - Vitality
  • Purple - Prosperity
  • Black - Energy and Confidence

Friendship Bracelets History

The exact origin of friendship bracelets is difficult to determine, however, the tradition of creating handwoven knots to create friendship bracelets can generally be traced back to Native Americans, although knot-tying also has a history in China and other parts of the world. Decorative knots were frequently used in China to decorate clothes and create jewellery and can be traced back to 481- 221 B.C. In addition, Macrame which is the process of tying decorative knots into patterns can be traced back to 13th century Arabic weavers. The craft then spread to France and Italy and was later picked up by sailors, who used macrame knots when out working at sea. Fast forward to the 1960s and 1970s and friendship bracelets really picked up in popularity. Now worn the world over by children, teenagers and adults, friendship bracelets have evolved to match the style and needs of the modern wearer. Traditionally handmade from thread, there are now many more options available including cord, silver, gold and beaded friendship bracelets. Although more modern friendship bracelets feature a clasp or closed fastening for durability, the act of gifting a friendship bracelet to a loved one to symbolise a lasting connection remains as strong as ever.