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The EB Guide to Wellness

The EB Guide to Wellness

During the long, cold month of January, we all need some self-care and new year wellness to keep us going. Rather than pushing yourself beyond your limits, resolve to give yourself more time, more chances, and more relaxation. Self-care is important and while the year is still young, it’s great to get into the habit of looking after yourself.

To create your own lavish home spa treatment, turn to our bath and body range. We’ve tailored this range towards feeling totally relaxed and refreshed, and our soaps, moisturisers and eye masks are the perfect ingredients for composing yourself and relaxing all evening long.

For added luxury, surround yourself with the delicate fragrances of fir and orange blossom, taking your pick from our wide range of soy wax candles. The relaxing scents will soften the edges of any difficult January day, and are made with renewable and biodegradable wax for the minimum impact on the environment.

If it’s a more permanent, wearable form of wellness that you’re seeking, then here at Estella Bartlett we’ve got the solution. The pride and joy of our jewellery department, the Gemstone Collection is overflowing with timeless symbols of wellness and positivity, in the form of beautiful gemstones that have been revered for years. Green Onyx is said to inspire mental and emotional clarity, and Blue Chalcedony to imbue its wearer with stillness and calm – both essential to ward off winter turmoil. Wear them around your neck, through your ears or in the form of our new slice and disc bangles to safeguard the feelings of wellness and relaxation that they inspire.

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