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Searching for rainbows

Searching for rainbows

We are all familiar with the association everyone is making with rainbows at the moment: gratitude for the NHS and all the individuals who keep it going. The classic symbol hope extends a thank you from our windows to supermarket workers, teachers, delivery people, and all other essential workers who have kept our lives running recently.


The rainbow has emerged during this difficult time as a symbol of the sunny hope after the rain – a future that we are all excited about, in which we can hug our friends, travel, and return to normality.


There have been a wide range of colourful responses to the proliferation of the rainbow in every window. The #rainbowchallenge on Instagram has encouraged us to throw off the pyjamas and tracksuits and dress up in a different colour each day. A classic reflection of the energising positivity that the rainbow motif spreads, this challenge reminds us of the excitement of getting dressed and putting together the perfect colourful outfit. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to participate.


If you’re happier in monochrome sweatpants, we suggest adding a subtle sprinkle of colour to your day, in the form of a rainbow hoop earring or a beaded gemstone bracelet. There’s a reason this uplifting combination of colours never goes out of style.


Another lovely rainbow inspired idea is to send friends and family rainbow gifts, encouraging them to stay positive and look forward to the adventures that await. A tiny symbol of hope might go a long way.


Spread the love, and show off a picture of yourself in your rainbow necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


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